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We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Searching and selection of specialists to be employed on board the Client’s vessels.
  • Searching and selection of well-trained and certified Seafarers for all types of vessels by testing the professional skills, English language skills reviewing references from the previous employers, personal appraisals.
  • Compiling and controlling the schedule of crew shifts.
  • Additional training and refreshing courses as well as in-office training for Crew.
  • Crewmembers qualified to perform vessel’s repair while at sea.
  • Selection of the cadets for future employment on Shipowner’s vessels.
  • Flag State Certificates and Endorsements processing for Crew.
  • Visas for Crew.
  • Medical fitness testing (P&I club), and drug and alcohol policy implementation.
  • Booking tickets for Crew.
  • Audit and Consulting of Crewing Business in Ukraine.

Our work experience throughout the years has allowed us to offer such service for leading ship-owning Companies as Audit and Consulting of Crewing Business in Ukraine since 1992.

The quality of the services rendered to the Shipowners and Crewing Managers by the Marine Agency “Arktos-Odessa Ltd” is annually studied, tested and approved by both internal and external audits performed by our Clients.

All these help us to always meet our Clients‘ demands in providing crewing services.

- The Crewing Agency can distribute and control salary payments to the Seafarers’ personal bank accounts in Ukraine (Shipowner –> Crewing Agency –> Personal accounts)

Should You need any additional information, please feel free to contact us at anytime.
We are looking forward to establish a mutually beneficial for long term business.

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  • Phone +38 (048) 785-76-87

  • Mobile +38 (067) 488-23-27

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